Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Course fee:

R4000 includes kit fee and learning manual.

Indian Head Massage is a combination of ancient techniques and modern awareness of the importance of a holistic approach. A massage including the upper back, neck, head and face used to treat specific conditions.

Course Structure:

Importance of the treatment of the whole person in relation to holistic health and the power of touch, History & concept of Indian Head Massage, The concept of Ayurveda, The effects and benefits of Indian head massage, The different oils used during the massage and their effects and benefits, Understanding and recognising common ailments and contraindications to Indian Head Massage with reasons why, Recognising common ailments which can be treated with Indian head massage, Understanding classical massage movements and their effects, Understanding specific Indian head massage movements and their effects, Understanding the positions of the Chakras and their representation, Understanding the Anatomy & Physiology related to Indian head massage.

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