Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Course fee:

R12 000 includes kit fee and learning manual.

Course Structure: Swedish Massage is a pre-requisite subject. The main aim of a sports massage therapy course is to enable learners to gain the practical and theoretical skills necessary to provide a suitable treatment to a variety of clients with specific needs.

The course includes:

• Anatomy and Physiology relating to sports massage
• Client consultation
• Contraindications
• Figure diagnosis
• Different sports injuries (healing processes)
• Treatment of sports injuries
• Injury prevention techniques
• Exercise advise
• Manual lymph drainage
• Treatment techniques (pre event massage, post event massage)
• Machines used in sports massage (microcurrent, faradic, vacuum suction)
• Preheat treatments
• Massage mediums and effects

With this course you will be able to confidently identify injuries, identify suitable treatments and be able to advise clients on caring for and preventing injuries

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